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Sally Canning winner of the National Women Inspiring Women Award Trainer/Speaker 2014

Empowering women to step out of the shadow of the past, to be seen heard and honoured in the present, and to spread their wings to fly into a joyful future

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.~ Chinese Proverb

Hi, I'm Sally Canning.  I can help you to easily release stuck feelings, fears, beliefs, and those thoughts - you know, the ones that go around and around in your head limiting the way you live your life at work and play.

Mentor, Train, Inspire, Encourage, Enable and Empower women to Embrace their Dreams and Dare to be who they really are.

Sally Canning. Helping Women to Embrace their Potential. from Sally Canning on Vimeo.

If you are ready for the challenge I give you the opportunity to quit settling for 'less than' ... To discover and create what it is you really want ... To fully experience your days rather than simply existing, and step into your future with a sense of Purpose, Clarity and Focus.

I'm not proffering 'quick fixes' or 'crisis management' here.  This is, without doubt an investment and commitment in you, your hopes and dreams, your unrealised possibilities.  I do however promise unwavering support, reassuring steadfastness, deep, deep knowledge, insights, skills and loads of inspiration to
help you to Reconcile the Past ...  Live more fully in the Present ... and Create a better Future ...

Come on in and rummage around in my Personal Transformation Packages to discover how I can Inspire you to Spread Your Wings and Fly and DARE TO BE YOU!

You can GET IN TOUCH with me here and I'll be back to you as soon as I possibly can - and certainly within 24 hours - to arrange a chat.  However, if you're already getting excited at the prospect of what this could mean for you and have questions or concerns you would like answering without delay here are some "Things to think about"

We can work face to face, by telephone and by Skype so rest assured 
distance is no barrier to the possibilities we can create together.

"Working with you will literally change women's lives for the better. When they leave you they will be buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm and open to possibilities. They will be filled with self belief and empowered to go in any direction they want."

Julie Moore, Complimentary Therapist, Woodborough, Nottinghamshire

Create a New Vision for Yourself

Do you feel like you're in a place where something has to change in your life?  This isn't how you imagined it would be?

Would you like to feel better about yourself and deal with the Emotional Baggage - the guilt, the anger, the FEAR and resentment - that's keeping you stuck, like you are up to your armpits in mud and can't move an inch?

Are you searching for a way to overcome that empty, sinking feeling that you don't speak about to anyone else? Everything on the outside looks fine but on the inside you feel lost and alone.

Are you looking for new direction but feel like you're in a fog and don't know which way to turn?

Are you at a place where you want to feel more fulfilled, energized, have a sense of purpose - a reason to get up in the morning and embrace the day?

Do you LOVE the thought of working for yourself - but have no idea how you could do that?  Where could you get the training, advice, guidance, mentoring?

Do you feel like you want to do your own inner work first? You know - get rid of the fears of not being enough, not having enough .... The fears that stop you from creating a successful business, having happy relationships, making healthy choices ....

What would your life look like if you didn't have those thoughts?  What would it feel like to be free of them?

Wouldn't you just love to achieve a greater sense of who you really are - to be free of limiting beliefs, behaviours and feelings and regain your sparkle, inside and out so that you could move forward and do something you always dreamed of?

Sally Canning. The World's Your Oyster from Sally Canning on Vimeo.

"During my few days with you, you provided me with your vast knowledge not only as a subject matter but also empowering me to believe in myself and that I can achieve my journey and goals. This was just a glimmer of what you are able to achieve with individuals on a regular basis as a Mentor.

Maria Chi.Ki.Holistic Health, Lincolnshire

"Thank you Sally so much! The way you feel things and can tap into issues intuitively is amazing! I am deeply grateful! Thank you! xx"
Inga, Leicester

"I did not know quite what to expect, but this has changed so much, it’s unbelievable."
Sue C,  Essex

Work with me.

The combination of my experience and expertise as Master Practitioner and Trainer of the hugely powerful Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) plus your willingness to commit and invest in yourself and your future can help you easily release what gets in the way of you living the life you would dearly love to have.

Allow yourself to be inspired and supported on a journey of self discovery and recovery as you reconnect with your inner strength and vitality to meet life's challenges with confidence and resilience.

I'm here to Train, Mentor and Inspire you to be the greater version of yourself that you know inside is possible but you can't see the way and you haven't yet found the courage to seek.  I am the guiding hand to get you there. 

If you'd like to talk about this some more
Get in Touch - Let's explore together how I can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be in your Complimentary 30 minute 'Get Acquainted' Call.

Here's to your happiness

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